Jeff Grill – Welding Instructor & Writer

Hi, I’m Jeff Grill — a certified welding expert and instructor based in Long Island, NY.

With over three decades in the industry, I’m passionate about combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to train the next generation of skilled welders.

I now do this all online on my website

Jeff Grill

Quick Facts About Me

  • Born: 2nd of March, 1968
  • From: Long Island, NY
  • Education: Engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University
  • Started welding: 1992
  • Welding career:
    • 1993-1995: Structural fabricator
    • 1995-1997: Pipe welder
    • 1997-2000: Pipe welder
    • 2000-2003: Welding inspector
    • 2003-2008: Welding inspector
    • 2008-2013: Senior welding inspector
    • 2012-2020: Welding instructor
    • 2013-Present: Owner at
  • Certifications from the American Welding Society (AWS):
    • Certified Welder (CW)
    • Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS)
    • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
    • Certified Welding Engineer (CWE)

My Expertise

I specialize in all forms of arc welding, including GMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW & SAW. But my experience isn’t limited to just those—I’m also knowledgeable in oxyfuel gas welding and plasma arc cutting.

My years as a welding inspector and supervisor have honed my ability to ensure the highest standards in welding quality and safety, making me adept at executing and overseeing complex welding operations.

With three decades in the industry, I’ve seen and welded it all!

My Teaching Journey

Between 2012 and 2020, I dedicated my time to teaching the art and science of welding, giving me immense pleasure and a new passion for teaching.

I’m the proud owner of, a publication that reaches over 2 million eager learners from around the globe every year. I’ve poured my passion for welding into each article, tutorial, and resource you’ll find on that platform.

My Teaching Philosophy

What sets me apart as an instructor is my philosophy that understanding the ‘why’ behind each welding process is just as crucial as mastering the ‘how.’

I balance theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, ensuring that my students know how to execute a weld and understand the metallurgy and physics behind it.

This holistic approach empowers them to troubleshoot issues on their own and adapt to different welding scenarios.

My Impact

My goal is simple but impactful: to inspire and educate the current and next generation of welders.

The online platform allows me to extend my reach far beyond a traditional classroom, helping more people than ever to light their torches and forge their futures.

Work With Me

As I slow down with my professional career, I have more time dedicated to my online teaching and work.


  • Writing – Specialized in technical welding writing in the form of articles, blogs, and sales copy.
  • Fact-checking – I can help make sure your welding content is factually accurate.
  • Custom images & technical drawings – I have a small team that helps me create these for that you can leverage.

Contact Me

Get in touch in you need some advice, or have other work-related queries.

Where You Can Find Me

  • Reach out over at
  • Email. I receive many emails, so please give me some time to respond.
  • Linkedin

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